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So I know it's late notice, but for those of you in the area or already planning on going I'll be tabling at Baltimore Comic Con with the amazingly talented :iconjenhickman:! Let's hope she doesn't steal all of my commissions ;)

If you're swinging by, we'll be at table A297 doing commissions and selling prints and generally having a great time (here's hoping). It'll be all the more fun with you! Here's our table:

And for those of you who might be curious, I'll be opening back up for commissions after the con, once I fill my obligations to the people I still owe them too _ _,

Wish me luck!
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In honor of Heroes Con in Charlotte being right around the corner (I'll be at table 140A with Lee Harris if you're going to be in town. Swing by!) I'm opening up for commissions! Anything you want drawn on a 9x12" bristol sheet is yours for the below prices. If you want something more complex or larger, we can always haggle for price, just contact me.

Pencil Commissions:

BUST - $10
Pencil Bust

Full Body - $20
Pencil Full Body

Inked Commissions:

Bust - $15
Inked Bust

Full Body - $30
Inked Full Body

Send me a message or an email if you want anything. Commissions ordered before next weekend will have the limited edition Heroes Con watermark on them, unless otherwise specified (I'll post the watermark soon.)

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Hey all, for those of you who don't know I wanted to say that I'm going to be in Phoenix May 23-28 for the Phoenix Comic Con! I'm sitting in with Kozak Komiks at a table and I'll be doing commissions and selling prints all weekend. Stop on by if you are in the area! You can grab tickets online at


We'll be at table #352, says my table buddy. Stop on by!
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For those of you who don't know yet, I'm going to be in New York at MoCCA this weekend! If you're in the area, I'll be crammed on one quarter of table D15 with the first print of my minicomics collecting most of the That I Am strips I did in undergrad. You should swing by! It's going to be a lot of fun, and if it's not I'll get the friend I'm sharing the table with drunk and THEN it will be fun. If she passes out, you get to draw on her when you buy a comic :)

Anyway, wish me luck!
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It's been a while since I've posted anything here or, indeed, drawn anything really of note! I recently moved to Georgia for grad school and am attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, so I suppose all of my time has been taken up with preparations for that, but still it's shameful on my part. To tell you the truth, I'm so utterly homesick that inspiration is really difficult to draw on right now. I tend to only produce when I feel excited about it.

In other news, I got my gallery up and running. You can catch it over here. All of the newspaper comics and my illustrations are up there, and as soon as I can get my mind settled about rebooting the webcomic it'll be there as well.

Commissions are still open if you're interested.

I think that's all :) Good night.
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The general call of 'PAY ME TO DRAW YOU STUFF' did not yield the response I had hoped for (read: none whatsoever), and so I've been thinking about what it is that drew you, the people watching me, to do so. I realize that my comic was what caught most of your eyes, and so I posit the following:

$5 to draw a comic character of you for use in an avatar, devID or whatever you'd like in my cartooning style
$10 to place said character into a That I Am comic, which will be included in the compilation book I'm working on.

Normal commission prices and actions still apply, and just so you don't have to click the 'previous journal entry' button I've copy and pasted them below:

$5 Sketch (example)
$10 Line Work (example)
$15 Flat colors/Basic shading (example)
$25 Detailed rendering (example)

Let me know what you think, especially if you're interested in something like this!
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Well it certainly has been an eternity since I've contributed to dA, but I've decided to haul myself back to the digital land of the living. For YOU.

I'm opening commissions now, and it will be an interesting experiment. I don't know how many of you are interested, but my price list is as follows:

$5 Sketch (example)
$10 Line Work (example)
$15 Flat colors/Basic shading (example)
$25 Detailed rendering (example)

Prices are based on single character images. More complex images are subject to further price negotiation. Send me a note if you're interested. I can accept PayPal.

Let me know!
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Some of you know that I'm on an insane race to get my capstone - a 24 page comic - finished on time. The others do now.

I'm about to try to run a six page gambit in four days, and I'd like to keep track of my progress here. It's potentially not a possible feat, but it's something I need to try to do. So. Here's my chart, and I'll update it as I go. It'll keep me honest.

**UPDATE** So I didn't get to the line work portion today, but I think I can tack on the Ink Wash to that and get it all done tomorrow, catching me up. Sketches are done as of 1:30 AM Sunday morning. Bed time!

**UPDATE 2** Well, I got the line work done on the pages, but it looks like I'm going to have to group the ink wash and charcoal in together tomorrow if I want to make deadline. That's pretty much been my process thus far anyway, so I'm not completely worried, but we'll see what happens. I've been trying to get my tax stuff settled today, so I wasn't constantly working. FEAR THE EXCUSES!

**UPDATE 3** Okay, I got the pages "done". I had to pull an all-nighter and work into the morning to do it, and I'm not happy with the result, but they're technically finished. My problem is that, at the request of the teacher, I switched to a higher grade paper to draw on. This paper (Rives BFK if anyone's interested) erases almost too well. With the first twelve pages, I could lay down ink wash, slam some charcoal over the top and erase just the charcoal, giving me some multi-dimensional shadows. With this stuff, EVERYTHING erases. Even my pen lines. It's frustrating, makes the pages take longer and the last page I did is almost a complete mess because I just got fed up with the whole process. I think I need to not touch these again for a while.

But I'm done.

            Page 13     Page 14     Page 15     Page 16     Page 17     Page 18

D  Panel      |_|           |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|
A  Layout    |_|           |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|
Y                 |_|           |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|
1                 |_|           |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|
                   |_|           |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|
D  Sketch    |_|           |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|
A                 |_|           |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|
Y  Line         |_|           |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|
2  Art           |_|           |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|
                   |_|           |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|
D  Ink          |_|           |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|
A  Wash      |_|           |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|
Y                 |_|           |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|
3                 |_|           |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|
                   |_|           |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|
D  Charcoal |_|           |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|
A                 |_|           |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|
Y                 |_|           |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|
4                 |_|           |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|             |_|
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It occurs to me that it is a marvelous thing to watch your very own creation grow and flourish, to become something self-maintaining and capable of fitting into the complexity of the outside world. To get there, though, you have to make some changes to the original framework of your plan.

The majority of the people reading this post know what Jabberwocky is. If you've made it this far and don't, the cliff notes go thusly: I am the founder of a group I lovingly titled "Jabberwocky". We are an art collective, the members of which draw according to an elected category twice a month. The group is meant to be a fun release from all of our other deadlines and projects, a creative outlet that provides constant inspiration. It is also meant to be its own entity.

Now, I have nothing specific against deviantART as it is. I appreciate the collective art conscience that it has become, and there are some absurdly pretty works of art strewn throughout these galleries. That's why I started a group here specifically for Jabberwocky. My intent was to take advantage of the millions of people that could possibly stumble across us and to get some free advertising, since the only way people joined the group before was through word of mouth. I figured that the main gallery and forums I set up for the collective could still run like normal, with this group acting as a sort of emissary to the massive audience that is dA.

Unfortunately, the emissary has taken over its original iteration much like a head crab would, sneaking up from behind and latching onto its face with a shrill shriek, transforming my original creation in to a half-hearted corpse shambling along the streets waiting to be ended via crowbar. Let me clarify.

It's incredibly easy now to talk through the comment section of the group and be informed of replies on a site you visit anyway. Still, that means that the initiative members once took to visit the forums or to look into topic reply notices (which aren't much different than what you'd get here on dA) is gone. I might as well delete the forums.

Freedom, too, comes from the fact that members can post their own pieces on the DAJab galleries, making the work I would do to put the same images on the external gallery pointless. I might as well delete that other gallery page.

But wait, you ask, aren't you just describing an easier way to manage Jabberwocky, without all of the extra work you have and will put into it? Why not just make Jabberwocky entirely a deviantART entity and do away with those other two sites for good?

The answer is simple: That's not what Jabberwocky is.

I am all for making things easier. In fact, the notion of giving up and hosting everything on dA is incredibly tantalizing, just because I won't have to deal with forty bots a day trying to make accounts on my forums. Jabberwocky, however, is not a part of deviantART. Jabberwocky is its own entity. I know that there are those of you who won't understand why I'm being so adamant about something as small as affiliation, but consider deviantART's portfolio service if you pay for an advanced account from them. One of their selling points is that there is no ostensible attachment to dA.

Again, I love this site. However, when someone like a potential new member or maybe someone looking for an illustrator to hire crosses our site, I don't want it to be as a deviantART group. I want them to see that we have dedication to being a singular entity, that our purpose is served through our own work, and not because we happen to be a part of a social networking site so why the hell not set up a forum? It looks more professional if we continue as a different site, so the dA group is going to die. I'm going to give those of you members a week to make sure you don't loose any artwork when I shut the gallery down.

Now, some of you (members) are going to complain about the fact that you now have to look at the forums again to get important information like when to vote or what to draw, but I want to make it clear that I am not simply reversing Jabberwocky's timeline and reducing it to what it was before we introduced ourselves to dA. If I want to move forward with this brain-child, I'm going to have to change it SOMEhow, and that is going to be in the form of mass e-mails. If you can't bring yourself to participate in the forum, I understand. I am personally horrible at social venues I don't have any real stake in, and the forums aren't much more than a glorified message board at this point.

So I'm collecting all of your e-mails, and you will get notification in your inbox giving you deadlines, new categories and news as it happens. Voting and chatting can and will still take place on the forum, and if you want your piece critiqued by the group it will be your prerogative to talk about it first. I don't expect roughly half of you to frequent the forums to offer much input.

But I will.
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I am writing to complain about the hold you seem to have taken over my life. My productivity levels are naturally low, and your introduction to my web browser history has plummeted that number into a zone defined only by the wailing and teeth gnashing of the damned.

This is, of course, not your fault. I am normally incredibly inept at social forums. MySpace never once held me within its claws, Facebook is lucky if I drop by on a bi-monthly basis, and Twitter has all but vanished from the area of my brain where I acknowledge that things exist. You, however, seem oblivious to what has heretofore been a law of nature and wormed your way into my browsing schedule.

You are so prevalent, in fact, that typing "www." in my search bar instigates Google to guess at what web page I am looking for, and you appear at the top of that list every single time. Do you understand what that means? I have visited you so often that Google SUGGESTS you are what I want to do with what may be my free time but most often is not.

I am a slave to my computer already, DeviantArt, I cannot withstand its seductive stare. I am trapped in a vicious cycle, the only cause of which is your unending pages of user-generated art. I curse you, you apocalyptic social conglomeration of eye candy, every day I curse your deliciousness.

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Wow, okay, it was pretty depressing to have that meltdown-ish entry up there for a while. I have news: I've decided to only apply to one grad school this year. And yes, for those of you currently in mid-recoil, that is GOOD news. I decided I simply did not want to be a part of any graduate program, and the only one that really fits what I want to go for is at the Savannah College of Art and Design. IF my goal was to get into grad school, then yes, I would be applying to the recommended fifteen (good lord) schools, but that's not my goal. My goal is to draw comics for a living. New York and Minnesota simply did not fit that. Also, since SCAD has a rolling deadline this gives me time to perfect my portfolio and application. It's a no-lose scenario.

Suffice it to say, I am infinitely happier with this decision, and am less on my way to the crazy house. I am still an artist, though, so that's still a possibility, but it'll be a happy insane instead of a stressed one, like the buzz you get from wine as opposed to tequila. Also, I've had two snow days in a row up here, which has given me ample time to sleep and (hopefully soon) work on my capstone. So anybody who had money on me loosing my mind, I apologize. I am back to my regularly stressed out schedule.
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Just put up the first comic of the semester and it was actually HARD to get used to drawing Rick and Ian again. I've spent the past month or two drawing hard copy with pencils and bristol board for my grad school portfolio, and I had to get my (for lack of a better word) tablet-legs back underneath me. I think by the end I got used to it again. Can't say much about the quality of the comic.

I have Grad apps due on Friday, and only about half of my portfolio is done. Classes start tomorrow at 8:00 AM, everyone at the newspaper suddenly seems to think I can draw their entire section for them, my OWN newspaper comics are going to suffer as it is, I haven't begun to even WRITE my capstone when I'm supposed to start drawing it this week... and all I'm wondering is what the padded walls in my cell will look like.

So. Life. Let's you and me make a deal. You do your best not to throw anything unexpected my way and I'll do my best to stay sane. Shake on iiiiiit.
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Hi watchers, I hope you all had great Christmases, Hanukas or whatever celebration springs up at the crescendo of the winter season for you. I personally spent the Holiday stuffed in a small-ish house in Colorado with sixteen other people. Very cozy, very loud, very fun.

Anyway, I've actually received a LOT of applications for Jabberwocky (a lot here meaning six), but I have some problems. First of all, to those of you who I accepted into the group, it would be the bees knees if you could post something in the Freshlings thread. Just to introduce yourself to the other artists. It would give us an idea of who you were and give you an in to the rather slow forum conversation between Gallery posts.

To those of you whom I have not yet accepted applications for, this is because I have no idea who you are. It honestly doesn't matter (I'll still love you anyway), I just like knowing the Jab artists before I add them to our merry little family. So I've tried sending emails to all of you, but I haven't received any replies. I realize that this is the festive season and we're all busy, but when you get the chance just pop up and say hi to me so I can click that accept button and revel in the fact that my little start up group is growing to new heights!

Thanks to all who applied!
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So I just finished updating the Jabberwocky site, and for those of you following me I'd like to extend an invitation to participate. Whether you caught it in my image comments or not, Jabberwocky is an art group I started up, and it has an origin story that goes thusly:

For a few years now I've been following Drawer Geeks, a group of professional illustrators and comic artists that draw images following a certain topic or category changed every few weeks or so. I wanted to participate in this bi-monthly flexing of artistic talent, but Drawer Geeks is incredibly tight-knit and will only allow you to draw for them if you know one of the illustrators personally and they invite you.

So I was like "fuck that" and made my own damn group.

We are called Jabberwocky and every two weeks we have a new topic that we all draw an image for. It's supposed to be fun and give you practice. There are critiques, but all of the artists are mostly nice and non-judgmental people. If you feel like this is something nearing or up your alley and would like to be a Jabberwocky artist, go ahead and shoot me an e-mail. Make sure to tell me what your deviantID is so I know who you are, but I assure you that Jab is open for enrollment, so it won't matter. We have a total of five participating members and I just think it would be awesome to get a larger group.

On another note, I'm thinking about doing something special if I get up to 500 page views, so tell your friends to drop by and cross that last 100.
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100 deviations with just my comics and a few of my digital works. I feel like I'm cheating. Either way, I love all of the attention I'm getting from you guys. It makes me feel like I should be doing some more comics over the winter break ;) We'll see....

God, I have so much work to do for grad school apps that it's going to drive me insane. Instead of focusing on that, though, I'm going to upload some more digital stuff.

D'aww, I'm breaking my 100 dev streak minutes after I hit it! Oh well, let it be known that it was there.
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I forgot to stick my most recent semester into a folder, so I did that just now. NOW all of the newspaper comics I have are up! I also just added my Jabberwocky pieces (see them for an explanation) and a comic cover art project I warped one of my painting classes to allow me to create. They don't belong to actual comics, just concepts in my head, but I think they turned out pretty good looking. I'm still growing.

I have some other digital art stuff I'll put up in a little bit. For now, I'm not feeling very deviant.
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Well hot damn, I finally got convinced to start a deviantART account. I have to say, commenting on my own stuff is a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I get to let people in on some of my thought processes, which is nice.

Just finished uploading all of my newspaper comics from the NAU Lumberjack and it's about 1:00 am so I'm going to hit it, but maybe tomorrow I'll get all of my non-comic stuff up, see what people think about that.

So far the reaction to That I Am has been great. Thank you all for commenting and favoriting my stuff! I'll try and return the compliment as soon as I can.
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